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Shaker A. Zahra, “An Interview with Peter Drucker,”
Academy of Management Executive, August 2003, pp. 11-12:

Shaker Zahra
How do you feel about the practice of management as a profession today?
About the study of management as a field of scholarly inquiry?
Peter Drucker
That would require a book of its own.
What I like to see – and what I have practiced now for many years in my own teaching – is: …
Teachers with real management experience and enough of consulting practice to know
real challenges …

Major emphasis on the nonquantified areas which are the real challenges – and especially on the nonquantifiable areas outside the business; i.e. in understanding both the limitations of the available numbers and how to use numbers.”
in: “A Year with Peter Drucker – 52 Weeks of Coaching for Leadership Effectiveness – Based on the Work of Peter F. Drucker,” - Joseph A. Maciariello, published New York 2014, p. 37:


Basis für Consulting-Projekte und Vorträge-Seminare-Workshops:
Praxis-Erfahrungen als Professional, Manager und Consultant in High-Tech-Industrien
kombiniert mit umfangreichen Studien der internationalen Fachliteratur.

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