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Specialized Business Library

The library consists of ca. 1000 business books carefully researched and studied covering the following segments:

  • General Business-Management focusing on:
    Leadership-Systems, Leadership-Competencies, Self Management resp. Manage oneself
    Strategic Business Management
    Management Development – Workforce Management
    Process Management and Project Management  
    Measurement & Analysis - Knowledge Management
    Political Economy
    Financial Crises
  • Marketing-Sales-Channel-Market Management:
    Growth-oriented Marketing - Market Management
    Sales Management – Best Practices
    Channel Management – Best Practices
    Salesmanship: History, Sales-Processes, Team-Selling-Team-Buying, Best Practices
  • IT Business Management:
    Business-oriented IT Strategy – Alignment Business Strategy ↔ IT Strategy
    Chief Information Officer: Profile and Responsibilities  
    Operative IT Business Management - Manage IT as a business
    IT Procurement – IT-Outsourcing/Insourcing – Management of external partners
    Management of “Troubled Projects”  
    ICT–History: Systems that changed the world 
    IBM CEOs – Leadership in the IT-Century: 1911-2014


Structure and composition of the library are based on decades of professional, management and consulting experiences, Best-Business-Book-Guides, references of world-renown experts, management magazines, bibliographies and internet-platform research.

Further details: see “Lectures - Seminars – Workshops”

Occasionally I have published book reviews on amazon platforms
www.amazon.com; www.amazon.uk; and www.amazon.de;  

I am regularly extending and updating my library based on focused research and business requirements.